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Here at Snelgrove Surveying & Mapping, Inc. we have extensive experience in all types of survey projects for counties, municipalities, FDEP, developers, land owners and FDOT D3 including control surveys, topographic surveys, bridge surveys, water boundary surveys, property boundary surveys, right of way surveys, GPS surveys, topographic surveys utilizing photogrammetry and section retracement surveys. Our team of professionals has many years of experience in transportation surveying and has worked together on numerous District 3 projects. Here are some other types of survey's that we specialize in.

Field Surveys

Boundary Survey, As-Built Survey, ALTA ACSM Land Title Survey, GLO Section Line Retracement Survey, Geodetic Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks, GPS Survey, Aerial Photogammetry Control, Construction Layout, Mean High Water Survey, Ordinary High Water Survey, Right of Way Survey, Design Survey, Topographic and DTM Survey, Bridge-Channel Survey, Drainage Survey, Hydrographic Survey, Quantity Borrow Pit and Land Fill Survey and Hazardous Waste Site Surveys.







Survey Mapping

Boundary and As Built Maps, Base Maps and Design Plan Sheet Maps, Topographic maps, Subdivision Record Plats and Right of Way Maps. Produce maps utilizing Autocadd Civil 3D 2009 and CAiCE Visual Transportation 10 SP7 with Microstation V8.

Automated Surveying

Utilizes the most up-to-date electronic total stations and data collectors in the industry.  With more than 13 years of data collection experience, we can collect raw data and produce electronic files in almost any format currently used.  We employ the FDOTís EFB data collection software, CAiCE processing software, TDS data collection software and COGO software as well as Autocadd processing and design software.  Each system has proved itself invaluable in the various applications of field data collection, employing automated drawing and DTM production.  Between the two, data can be exported into almost any CADD format. 

Design And Route Surveying

One of our main services, design and route surveying for roadway and utility design, has been a major part of our overall survey mission.  Our work, for both the public and private sectors, ranges from new and existing roadways; water, sewer, and utility installation; extension and rehabilitation to subdivisions; commercial sites; correctional facilities and waste water plants.

Construction Surveying

Being a full-service surveying firm, we provide construction layout and staking for most of our commercial, municipal and private roadway, utility and site design engineering projects.  We also perform all types of construction staking for road and building contractors.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys (of all types) are another primary service of Snelgrove Surveying & Mapping, Inc.  With three Professional Surveyors and Mappers with more than 50 years of combined experience, no boundary line problem is too tough for us to tackle.  GLO section line retracement, one of the most difficult aspects of boundary surveying, is our specialty.  Working in 41 of the 67 separate counties throughout the state of Florida, has made us very knowledgeable of the different histories, local customs and procedures for various regions throughout the state.  We routinely perform surveys from one-half acre to 8,500-acre tracts.  This has greatly enhanced our ability to perform multiple section ties along state roads for FDOT right of way and maintenance map surveys.


Snelgrove Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has committed itself to the field of GPS, utilizing 6 Ashtech Promark II single frequency receivers, 2 Leica SR530 receivers capable of all types of static and RTK applications. All data is rigorously processed and adjusted using the latest Least Squares adjustment software packages. Use of our GPS equipment greatly increases efficiency.  

Hazardous Waste Site Surveys

Hazardous waste sites in recent years have increased dramatically.  Topographic and boundary surveys on the state plane coordinate system and NAVD 88 vertical datum, are generally required by the state for remediation and litigation purposes.  We understand the complexity of working such a site and the necessity for quick response, careful planning and safety assurance.

Mean High Water Surveys

Tide studies and infrared aerial photogrammetry as well as traditional survey methods are used along Floridaís Gulf and Atlantic coasts and tidally influenced river systems.  While meeting all of DEPís field and office mapping survey procedures and specifications, boundary and ordinary high water surveys for private individuals, companies and the various water management districts, are accomplished.